News from HVR: Water shortages have no recession

In the Times of India you can read almost every week about water shortages, polluted water and its consequences for society. Several people die each year from drinking contaminated water.

Invitation to lecture on HVR:s cooperation with ISRF

This project has taken several years to get started. But when the water started to flow, it meant that 200 schoolchildren could avoid a horrible disease. But this is only a first small step. HVR has installed a water treatment plant at a school in Odisha, India. The plant is operated by the Indo-Swedish Rheumatology […]

Scarabs vision has become the consensus all around the world

Scarab Development was founded in 1973 on a program for Water/Energy/Food (WEF). It was a response to the call from the first UN Environmental Conference that was held on the initiative of the Swedish Government in Stockholm 1972.

News from Xzero: The dangers of microcontamination

Technologies continue to improve such that the industry is now producing Systems-on-chip (SoCs) at the 7 nm node and is headed to 5 nm. At such a scale, any particle or contaminants can make a chip fail.