Some news from 2023

Our first commercial production line for proprietary core components is ready in Tyresö outside of Stockholm and the products have performed well in testing.

Scarab has received a Request for Quotation from NEOM for “Zero Discharge Solar Desalination”.

Hydromars has been selected by ESA to send up a prototype in orbit with SpaceX to evaluate function in zero gravity.

A Nanocap from Type1water is at long term testing at imec and is now also on offer to interested customers in biomedicine and nanotechnology.

Together with subcontractors of Intel, Xzero has designed a pilot Ultrapure Water equipment that will reduce faults caused by nanoparticles and thereby increase the yield at the most advanced semiconductor plants.

CWT has been invited and responded to a tender for water equipment for a large scale H2 manufacturing plant.

HVR has started a project to upgrade its present equipment in Odisha with new core components and more efficient solar collectors.

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