An eventful year

During the past year, Scarab has filed three new patent applications and signed nine new confidentiality agreements. Two new product companies have been formed, Type1Water and CWT. Circular Water Technologies AB (publ) was distributed to the shareholders in Xzero and HVR after Scarab received inquiries about equipment for the production of green hydrogen gas. A […]

Året som gått

Under året som gått har Scarab lämnat in tre nya patentansökningar och skrivit nio nya sekretessavtal. Två nya produktbolag har bildats, Type1Water och CWT. Circular Water Technologies AB (publ) delades ut till aktieägarkollektiven i Xzero och HVR efter det att Scarab fått förfrågningar på utrustning för tillverkning av grön vätgas. En nyemission som blev kraftigt […]

Issue of shares in Type1water

Type1water AB manufactures equipment for the production of ultra-pure water in laboratories. The company’s product Nanocap is unique in that it removes even the smallest nanoparticles from the water. No other product on the market can efficiently remove nanoparticles that are less than 20 nanometers in diameter. This feature of Nanocap will have great economic significance for companies […]

Research and development

Most of the development now occurs in the group companies. You can find their web pages here.

Future Covid-19 news

I have written a lot about Corona and COVID on this page. I mainly saw it as a service to our shareholders. Now I see that other media raise similar issues.