Press release from Xzero: New innovation makes microchip manufacturing more environmentally friendly

Xzeros expands its portfolio with the product Resource Recovery. It cleanses hazardous wastewater from the data industry while valuable nanoparticles can be recycled.

– After close cooperation with several major players in the market, we realized that there is a need to utilize residual products from the wastewater that arise in the production of microchips, says Aapo Sääsk, Xzero’s founder.

Xzero is aimed at the semiconductor industry that produces integrated circuits, or microchips. These small components are what enable and define today’s society – industries, communication and entertainment. Technology in the industry is developing rapidly, the number of transistors that can fit on a circuit has doubled every two years. It is this exponential development in miniaturisation that explains the constant advancement of technology and the just unthinkable possibilities that exist today in, for example, a modern smartphone. Every step in the technology development of nanoelectronics has enabled major innovations, but also poses challenges. One of the challenges is purification of dangerous nanoparticles.

– When microscopic technology is produced, it places enormous demands on cleaning. This is where we deliver what nobody else can today, ”says Aapo Sääsk.