Future Covid-19 news

Dear reader,

I have written a lot about Corona and COVID on this page. I mainly saw it as a service to our shareholders. Now I see that other media raise similar issues. Actually, the topic does not belong here and if you want more information about the pandemic, you can sign up below for another website.

Next I will try to investigate why the risk of death is several hundred times greater in some countries than in others, for example 300 times greater in the UK than in Singapore and also investigate what cures may be available for those who fall ill with the disease.

I started writing about the pandemic to inform about the situation in our companies. Once I got to grips with the problem, I felt compelled to report on crucial inaccuracies in the daily media reporting. For this I have received a lot of appreciation but also a lot of criticism. I am not medically trained; some have pointed out. But I write based on decades of experience in judging scientific reports and information from companies. Devious statistics look the same in most fields of science.

In conclusion, I post a longer section of the message I received the most criticism for.

Despite the fact that the doctors in the film have been widely mocked and censored, I am convinced that they are right in their basic statement, namely that it is possible to cure COVID.

One piece of support for this position can be found in this article by Professor Harvey Risch from Yale.