News from HVR: Water shortages have no recession

In the Times of India you can read almost every week about water shortages, polluted water and its consequences for society. Several people die each year from drinking contaminated water. Even more people get sick and live significantly worse lives than they could do. The business cycle is put out of play to a certain extent when people have to spend time on getting clean water for survival instead of training, starting a business and creating a decent life.

A month ago it was possible to read about a Swedish company that together with a Swedish foundation has installed a water treatment plant at a school in the state of Odisha in India. The foundation is called ISRF and the company is called HVR Water Purification AB. The ISRF has spent the last 6 years helping residents with rheumatic diseases as well as with fluoride poisoning in Odisha. Operations are conducted at our own hospital and at free hospitals in the countryside where doctors work voluntarily. The company, HVR, has previous experience of operations in India and has researched in water treatment for over 20 years. They have a common goal that no one should have to die from drinking contaminated water.

Sick children can recover from clean water

Many of the children in the region today suffer from fluoride poisoning illnesses and pains. The groundwater is poisoned with both fluorine and arsenic and depending on how deep you dig you encounter various contaminants. In common, none of the water is drinkable without a proper purification process. HVR has chosen to install one of its water treatment plants on site to help the children. With clean water, their course of disease can be reversed and many of them become healthy. The doctors from ISRF are there to document the process.

Water purification with solar energy and waste heat

HVR does this, partly because they are driven by values ​​and visions that are greater than profits and profitability. They also carry out the project to develop their new product and test it in sharp position, a water purification plant that is operated solely on solar cells and solar energy. The purification process itself is powered by solar heat and the pumps are powered by solar cells. All energy comes from the sun.

The sun is an endless resource, at least for a number of millions of years before it devours us like a red giant before it finally wipes itself out.

Water is the most basic and vital resource for us humans. Without it there is no life.

Without pure water there is no human.

No matter what is happening on the world markets right now, whether we are facing a small “slowdown” in the market or the worst recession in world history, one thing is certain.

The water shortage has no recession.