N.B Postponed until further notice due to COVID -19. Lecture: Water – The strangest liquid

Lars G.M. Pettersson, professor of theoretical chemical physics at Stockholm University, will start this year’s lecture series.

Date: March 12

Time: 6pm

Location: Central Stockholm, local is notified to those who sign up.

Professor Lars G. M Pettersson will delve into the special chemical properties of water in his lecture. Pettersson himself has led pioneering research at, among others, Stanford University, which shows that the liquid water under special conditions can exist in two different forms: in a heavier and in a lighter form, each of which lacks most of the unique properties of the water. These occur instead when the water at normal temperatures cannot decide what form it should take. Simply put, it can be said that water is not a complicated liquid but two simple liquids in a complicated relationship.

Professor Pettersson will also address issues related to the influence of water on the climate, the ability of water to store energy, water as a solvent and the importance of water purification in the global warming we now witness.

NOTE: Limited number of seats.