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Aapo Sääsk was born in 1943 in Estonia and has lived in Sweden since 1944. He attended Brown and Rutgers Universities in the US and Stockholm and Linköping Universities in Sweden. He has initiated, promoted and organized research and development projects in Sweden and abroad.


Mr Sääsk started to work on environmental issues in 1968. In that year, the Swedish government placed an item called "the human environment" on the agenda of the UN Economic and Social Council. This eventually led to the first UN Conference on the human environment which was held in Stockholm in 1972.


At that time Mr Sääsk founded the private research company Scarab Development AB. The objective was to find business solutions to ecological problems by developing innovative sustainable technologies and business structures. The main areas were sustainable energy, purification/desalination of water, commodity processing and health.


Under the leadership of Mr Sääsk, Scarab has developed own projects and participated with others. Examples of the latter are biomass-plantation with Swedish Agricultural University, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion with Alfa-Laval, Chemical Heat-pumps at KTH, Briquetting of bio-waste with Sida, Ethanol with University of Lund, use of waste heat and solar power with KTH, Treatment of Municipal Drinking Water and Solar Powered Desalination in EU-consortiums.


Mr Sääsk has also participated in several research and consultancy projects in business development. Based on Mr. Sääsk’s recommendations and support, several agro-industrial projects have been established in Third World countries. Financial assistance for the projects was granted by agencies such as World Bank/IFC, ITC/WTO, FAO, EC, EDF, ADB, the Swedish International Development Authority (Sida), the Swedish Fund for Industrial Co-operation (Swedfund), the Swedish Export Council, the Import Promotion Agency for Products from Developing Countries (IMPOD), the Swedish Board for Technical Development (NUTEK), the Swedish Council for Building Research (BFR), and the Industrial Fund of Sweden.


Mr. Sääsk has also throughout his entire career, without charge, advised inventors and entrepreneurs, in Sweden and in Third World countries, in the areas of energy, food, water and business development.


From the beginning, Mr. Sääsk has also developed proprietary technology in water treatment and sustainable energy which has resulted in formation of several private and public companies.


One of the main areas is of proprietary development is membrane technology for water treatment where Scarab co-operates with leading international energy and water companies and research institutes to develop more cost efficient technology for desalination and water re-use. The main focus has been on a novel water purification and desalination technology called ‘Membrane Distillation’ (MD). The technology lays claims to be one of the most advanced in water purification with an ability to purify almost any water absolutely.


The technology has been engineered under contract by leading international manufacturers and engineering consultants including among others ABB and Electrolux.


Over recent years, Mr Sääsk has concentrated on demonstrating technical viability through independent tests and demonstrations and is establishing the commercial viability of the technology through enabling use of waste heat. The combination of waste heat, desalination and water re-use allows the technology to be used in solving some of the most important environmental questions of the day.


Extensive early research by leading management consultants identified the relative applicability of MD in various end uses. That led to prioritisation of the areas covered by the entities listed below:


Present primary engagements:

Scarab Development AB

International Water Consortium Ltd

Xzero AB (publ)

HVR Water Purification AB (publ)

Swedish Sustainability Foundation



BA 1964 at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Postgraduate Scholarship 1964-65 at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
MA Political Science and Philosophy 1968 at University of Stockholm, Sweden
M.Sc. in Education 1970 at University of Linköping, Sweden
MBA 1973, University of Stockholm, Sweden


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Tel +468-6603970
E-mail aapo@scarab.se



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