Scarab's r&d profile


Desalination of sea water – pre-feasibility and product development for Swedish State Development Corporation

Water recovery for manned missions in space – pre-feasibility for the Swedish Space Corporation and the European Space Agency

Chemical Heat-Pump – pre-feasibility for Swedish Technical Development Board (STU)

Economy of Salix plantation for bio-mass – for the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Continuous fermentation of cellulose – project draft for University of Lund.

Household equipment for treatment of tap water – feasibility and product development for HVR Water Purification AB

Removal of chlorination by-products in tap water - feasibility and product development for Purity AB

Development of system for recovery of Ultra Pure Rinse Water for semiconductor manufacture – product development and testing for Xzero AB

Solar desalination of sea water – participation in EU-project MEDESOL

Health consequences of disinfection by-products in European tap water – participation in EU-project Hi-Wate

Polygeneration of electricity, heat, cooling and water – joint project with The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Co-generation of electricity and heat with addition to power generation – pre-feasibility for Wärtsilä, Finland

Nutraceutical treatment of arsenicosis - feasibility and project development for Viola Vitalis, Bangladesh

Polygeneration for rural communities – student projects and seminar series “Water and Electricity – the Good Life”

Photovoltaic cells for co-production of electricity and pure water – preparation for application to the Swedish Energy Agency

High head solar pump for membrane distillation – experimental project

Development of water/polymer interface for membrane distillation – rejected EU proposal

Large scale co-generation of solar electricity and desalination – present preparation for EU proposal


Third party evaluation

Apart from our own continuous development work of which some is exemplified above, our equipment has been evaluated in the following third party tests:


Waste heat desalination - The Swedish National Development Corporation for the Greek Government

Ultra Pure Water and Reuse for the Semiconductor Industry – Sandia National Laboratories for EPA/Sematech

Decontamination of wash water in nuclear power plants - Pilot tests by Sydkraft (Eon) for Vattenfall and the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute

Energy use for MD water treatment in the Semiconductor Industry - The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) for Xzero AB

Desalination with Solar Pond – U. of Texas at El Paso for the Bureau of Reclamation, US Department of the Interior

Treatment of arsenic contaminated well water – Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Chalmer’s University for Scarab Development AB

Treatment of flue-gas condensate – KTH for Vattenfall Research AB

Treatment of landfill leachate – KTH for a major international water company

Cogeneration of electricity, district heating and water - KTH for the Swedish Thermal Engineering Research Institute


All these third party tests have been carried out with commercial grade equipment manufactured in limited series.


Present scientific projects


Arsenic mitigation in villages in Bangladesh through co-generation of electricity and arsenic free water – proposal to Grameen Shakti from KTH

Separations in the chemical industry with a chemical multinational

Basic nanotechnology research for development of new membranes with Stockholm, Chalmer’s and Stanford Universities

Improvement of module efficiency and energy recovery with KTH

Treatment of RO-brine with a leading desalination company


Updated 2009-01-09 


When we realize that the survival of future generations is at stake,
all other investments will lose in significance. (Aapo Sääsk)